Static Website Designing

Why You Need It And How We Can Help You Get It.

A static site contains Web pages with settled code and information the information of each page does not change unless it is physically refreshed by a web designer. Static sites are regularly outlined utilizing web formats. Each page is coded in HTML and showcases a similar data to each guest. Static locales are the most essential sort of site and are the least demanding to make. Static site are basic sites which are savvy. In static site you simply write in your substance in any word processor and transfer it as a .php or .htm site page. A static website can be worked by basically making a couple of HTML pages and facilitating them onto a Web server.

Advantages of Static Website Designing
  • It is exceptionally Simple to make and create static sites.
  • Static sites comes at bring down cost when contrasted with dynamic web architecture.
  • Static sites are less expensive to have sites.
  • It is anything but difficult to explore from different web indexes.
  • Uses less transfer speed and server assets.
  • Every last page of the site is editable yet certain learning is required.
  • You can see the review of your site before including live.
  • Static sites are anything but difficult to keep up.
  • You can have coordinate control over substance of your site.
  • Static sites stack speedier than dynamic sites.
  • Perfect web answer for little ventures.
Disadvantages of Static Website Designing
  • Could cost you more over the long haul contingent upon the recurrence of the updates.
  • Long change forms as you need to sit tight for a web specialist to have sufficient energy to roll out your improvements.
  • Static sites offer constrained functionalities, which winds up plainly troublesome in long run.
  • It ends up noticeably hard to keep up static sites when it gets expansive.
  • It is likewise hard to stay up with the latest information in static sites.
  • Requires web improvement mastery to refresh website.
  • Not useful for expansive ventures as it will be difficult to keep up.